Take 2

Hey, I have a blog!  Who knew?

When I first started this blog, I was thinking about (and stressing about) going back to work with my first baby, and here I am, 2 weeks and some change away from going back to work after baby number 2.  I can’t think about that detail for too long or I might panic, so let me talk to you about being a mommy of 2 =)

Before my baby girl was born, I wondered what on earth it would be like to have 2 little ones, and how would I do normal things like go to the grocery store or go ANYWHERE for that matter once I was out numbered.  Would I be able to give both my babies adequate attention?  Would Jude turn into a terror once his sister arrived?  Would I ever sleep again?  I had of course heard a lot of horror stories-big brothers and sisters who completely went off the deep end when they had to share mommy and daddy; second children that were so difficult that their parents confessed that if he/she had been their first baby, he/she would have been their only baby.

I also wondered about her health-most of my ultrasounds with Clara were not comforting experiences-the doctor couldn’t find her in the first ultrasound, in the second ultrasound she wasn’t measuring correctly, and in later ultrasounds I was carrying a ton of extra fluids, and she showed extra fluid on one of her kidneys (which we didn’t actually know about until after she was born.)  Dustin and I chose not to complete any other testing outside of the ultrasounds, so with both my babies there was always a slight fear that something would be wrong, and a big sigh of relief when they were born in good health.

I am happy to report that my experience with two children has been wonderful.  Clara is a great baby, and Jude just adores her.  I suppose this could change, but he has adapted extremely well to sharing the spotlight with his sister, and the patience I see him exhibit during these times just makes my mommy heart soar and encourages me to make it a priority for there to be Mommy/Jude play-time whenever possible.

What has been most surprising to me is how different they are!  Jude was so tiny and while he ate until he was satisfied(or at least seemed satisfied), he never grew at the doctor’s desired pace.  Clara, on the other hand, does not stop eating and at her one month appointment was over 2 pounds heavier that her birth weight.  Jude loved his pacifier; Clara will not take one.  Sleeping in his crib was difficult for Jude no matter what time of day it was, and while Clara struggles to fall asleep, once she acquiesces to sleeping, she is happy to be in her crib the rest of the night.  Swaddling Jude settled him down; swaddling Clara fires her up, and if she isn’t sleepy enough she will devote a great amount of energy towards trying to break-out instead of settling down.  Jude screamed bloody murder at all of his doctor’s visits; Clara doesn’t utter a sound, in fact she usually sleeps through the whole thing!

I’m not going to lie-I’m tired.  Keeping two children fed, clean, and happy, as well as trying to give the hubs some attention is a lot; I love it, but it is a lot.  I can’t even think about the weariness that I know will set in at a deeper level when I go back to work.  There have definitely been a few moments when it has seemed like all I do is change poopy diapers, or that someone always needs fed, or that I will never sleep again.  There have been tears on my part.  I think the advantage to already surviving the infant stage with one child is that I know I will sleep again-it may be six months to a year from now, but Clara will stop needing to eat every couple of hours.  Eventually they will both be potty trained, and someday they will play together and I will be able to use the restroom without an audience.

In the meantime I’m doing my best to enjoy all of these precious moments with my babies, praying for the strength to function on very little sleep, and learning how to leave the house with a toddler and an infant.  Having a winter baby instead of a summer baby has certainly been a challenge, but being home over the holidays without the pressure of a school concert has been wonderful, and I’m pretty sure this year will go down as one of my favorite Christmas’ ever.

Have a happy Thursday, and maybe you will hear from me again soon =)

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