Summer in the air

This weekend was so much fun around the Martin house.  The weather was gorgeous and our schedule was empty, and while sometimes we miss those unique moments, this weekend I feel like we took advantage of the magic.  My little ones helped me garden (tomatoes, herbs and flowers) and we got wet and dirty and it was wonderful.  Today was family breakfast at Cracker Barrel, time at the park, and big afternoon naps.  All of it whispered “summer” to me…

I love my job, but I confess that in about March a certain weariness seeps into my bones.  Weariness of dragging the kids out of the house every morning, struggling to get dinner on the table before the kids are way too hungry to wait patiently, and despite my best efforts, living for the weekend and a few precious moments of rest.  One look at the calendar shows that summer is around the bend, but at that point it still feels far away.  I always feel like we keep plugging away and then all of the sudden, the grass is green, flowers are blooming, its warm enough to play outside with the kiddos and I feel like we are going to make it to summer and pajama days, lunch on the deck, legos, baby-dolls, and I will renew my love-hate relationship with sand boxes.

Some years I pack even my summer too full, but this summer the calendar is wide open, and I am intentionally leaving it that way.  I want impromptu play dates, lots of visits with our friends, cuddles with my nephews and niece, girls’ nights, double dates, gardening, canning, lunches with all the grandparents, and I can’t handle worrying about conferences and summer classes and anything that will tie me down.  There will be summers for all of that, but not this year.

A lot of my memories are tied very strongly to my other senses.  Every time I walk in my parent’s house there is a very specific scent that I smell, and I can’t tell you what on earth I am smelling, but even now, when I walk into their house, the scent of my childhood home immediately makes me think of driving home from college in the middle of the night and the sense of contentment that I felt finally arriving from break and enjoying the pleasure of being home and safe.  My son Jude loves Transformers, and whenever he is watching “Transformers Rescue Bots” on Netflix these days, I am transported to last summer when Clara was 6 months old, I was still nursing every three hours at night, and Jude watched way too much TV while I tried my best to survive that season.  This weekend, the air flowing through my open windows, the feel of the dirt under my fingers, the smell of the basil I was planting, and watching my kids in the sand box not only reminded my of last summer, but filled me with hope for all the memories we will make this summer, and I am determined not to miss any of it!  Anyone else feel the same way?

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


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