Fed Up

So today was the day that I decided that I was tired of the baby weight.  My son is 8 months old, and I am still in maternity pants.  I actually went to the store to buy new pants, but with the little baby pouch I am now the proud owner of, just nothing fit correctly.  But it is time.  I’m very fortunate to have 2 lovely coworkers to walk/run with(which we started today), and I know how to cook healthy food.  It is ridiculous to think that I have gone through so much to provide my son with healthy food, yet I have not been going to that trouble for myself.  Sure, I have been busy and sleep-deprived, but I’m tired of making excuses.  And I’m writing about it here to get myself some accountability =)  I have more to share, but I absolutely must get some sleep….more to come…

3 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. It’s hard to eat healthy yourself I am coming to find out very quickly. It takes time and finding that time is not always easy!

  2. i’m not sure how helpful this will be, but we share some genes 🙂 so i thought i should mention: personally, i don’t lose weight easily while i’m breastfeeding. everyone always talks about how amazing and easy it is, but my body really fights to hold on to those extra fat stores. seriously, naomi self-weaned when i was expecting simon – and i immediately lost weight, even though i was 5 months pregnant. give yourself time, you’ll get where you want to be…

    • Thanks Melissa! I appreciate that-it is nice to know that I’m not the only one that with that experience=). I can’t wait to see you guys on Sunday!

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