Back in the Swing of Things-or at least Trying to Be…

School is back in session!  I have had my students for 8 days now, and I’ve been back to work for 12 days, and I am definitely feeling the strain of the transition.  In a lot of ways, this year it all seems brand new because a lot has changed since last fall.  I’m not nursing anymore, and Jude is sleeping longer, (in fact I usually need to wake him up for the day) and I’m still trying to find the best time to wake him up, feed him breakfast, and get out the door at just the right time.  I don’t need to take anything along to daycare this year (except when I need to restock his diapers), and I don’t need to drag my pump to work, so I do have less to worry about remembering for the day. Jude has been doing awesome at daycare-more than ever he recognizes his friends and most days is sad to be leaving them to come home.

If I’m completely honest, the start of the school year has been stressful.  I don’t want to bore you with details, but there are just a lot of changes-I don’t mind changes, in fact I think many of the changes are going to be really positive directions for our school to take, but so many new things all thrown at us at the beginning of the year is a lot to wade through.   I have always tried to maintain a strict policy of not bringing school work home so that I can truly be home with my family, but I have worked on school stuff the last two weekends, and I’m not sure when I’ll finally feel like I’m caught up. On the other hand, the kids have been wonderful, and I feel more comfortable in this my 7th year of teaching.  I feel focused and I have already heard three-part singing, rhythmic sight-reading, and some Hebrew lyrics in my classroom, and I’m really excited for all of the music that will be made this year.

To sum it all up, I think I’m just overwhelmed at being back in the struggle that is a working mom’s life…I want to be the best mom and wife I can be, but I have to battle the weariness and crankiness I can feel at the end of the school day.  I want to be the best teacher I can be, but I don’t want to give up my family time to complete extra work at home.  I want a clean house, all the laundry to be done and put away in a timely fashion, and a home cooked meal on the table every night, but I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day.

Thankfully, I have two great guys at home that treat me with love and grace, and seem to understand that I’m doing the best I can =)

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. You my dear are a wonderful wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister and teacher…and you are a precious and adored child of the King!! Keep looking to Him for your strength and refreshing…..and the rest will fall into place!! I love you and I happen to think you are Amazing!!

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