A Night Out

Between my Grandmother passing away and a few very stressful weeks of work for both Dustin and I, we were in desperate need of a date night.  We are big-time foodies, and we decided to treat ourselves to fancy dinner at our new favorite restaurant Aqua 103, located in nearby Hagerstown, Maryland.

The restaurant is upscale, but not fussy.  We have eaten there 3 or 4 times, and the food has been spectacular every time.  We started the meal with a Martini-specifically a new, seasonal Autumn Apple Martini.  I don’t get super excited about cocktails, but I realized that it was one of the first times we had been out in 2 years when I wasn’t pregnant or nursing, so we decided to splurge.  I believe it was a mixture of Rum, Apple Cider, Vanilla Schnapps and a fall spice mix.  It was very spicy, and definitely seasonal.

We each decided to get an appetizer, and I went with the Calamari.  The breading was so, so light, and the marinara it was served with was delicious.  I know that calamari, specifically the tentacles, can look scary, but seriously-the tentacles are the best part!

Dustin has a serious love for tuna sashimi, and he loved Aqua 103’s version, which had a spicy rub and was served with a seaweed salad.

Each of our entrees came with a house salad, which we enjoyed next.

Now for the really exciting food!  Aqua 103’s menu has so many interesting entrees, and I was really tempted by the crab cakes, and a pasta dish with shrimp, scallops and crab meat in a garlic cream sauce, but I felt like trying something new, so I ordered a Maple-Leaf Duck Breast, which was served with Asiago Bacon Risotto with a Raspberry Coulis.  This was my first experience having duck, and it was INCREDIBLE.  And yes, it was served Medium Rare!  I was a little apprehensive about the medium rare poultry, but it had such a lovely texture, and the skin was delicious.  That risotto was incredible, and the tart raspberry coulis helped balance the rich duck and risotto.

Dustin went with the Filet Oscar, a special, which was a Filet Mignon steak covered in crab meat.  The filet was served with Asparagus and Hollandaise sauce.  Much like my dish, it was very rich, but incredibly delicious.  I don’t know that we had ever tasted REAL Hollandaise sauce and it was lovely.

At this point we were pretty full, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a dish of chocolate hazelnut gelato.  Like the rest of our meal, it was absolutely delicious.

I just had to share some pictures of our delightful meal, and I highly recommend Aqua 103 the next time you want to treat yourself in Hagerstown.

Here’s to a less stressful week!

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