Thirty Years

So I’m thirty now…kind of unbelievable-it just doesn’t seem like 10 years have gone by since I turned twenty.  However, I started thinking about all that has happened since I turned 20:

20-Finally decided to follow the Lord’s calling into Music Education, Starting dating Dustin

21-Gave my Senior Piano Recital, Agreed to Marry my Beloved and began planning a wedding from 9 hours away

22-Graduated College with a Bachelor of Music, moved back to Pennsylvania, Became Mrs. Martin, was hired for my first full-time teaching job

23-Moved our residence as well as well as moving to a new school (where I still teach)

24-25-No big events, but lots of time and energy spent working on being a good wife and teacher

26-Began working on a Master of Science in Education

27-Finished my master’s degree (which is hopefully my last degree), Carried my first baby for 10 precious weeks before that baby went to Heaven in July, became pregnant again-Success!

28-Became a mommy! (and learned I can function fairly well on very little sleep)

29-Bought our first house, Carried my third baby for 8 precious weeks before that baby went to Heaven in January

It is so bizarre to think that ten years ago I was living in a dorm room with very few responsibilities and here I am having so many responsibilities!  I have learned what it means to love and to be loved in a way I never thought was possible.  I have endured the heartache of loosing two precious babies I wanted to hold in the worst way, but I will never forget that moment when I heard my son’s voice for the first time and I learned how to love in a new and amazing way.  I have learned that women are amazing creatures-I have the most amazing friends and family members who have shown me that we can go through so much and still have the strength to meet each new day with grace and dignity.

I wonder what the next 10 years will be like…I have NO intention WHAT SO EVER (I mean seriously NO intention!!) of pursuing any more degrees.  I pray there are more children in our future.  I look forward to teaching my son so many things and continuing to make our house a home.  Maybe going down a different career path with my beloved?  Who knows? I’m pretty excited to find out!